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I was in the office There was the kitchen There was Sam Hi, everyone I am here

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Mets attendance totaled 2,569,753 people this season, an increase of 18 percent from last year

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Lemieux brought a 160 pound title of his own into the ring, but was no match for Golovkin, the former amateur star from Kazakhstan who now lives in Los Angeles

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The plunge in fuel prices has been a major help

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European rules on contracts and tenders may well have played a part, but a lack of political will to help an ailing domestic industry was also a factor.

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But her widely-praised debate performance on Tuesday could give her campaign a boost

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"I'm really lucky that I didn't need to have an operation, some people have much worse miscarriages," I kept telling friends and family, to make them feel better

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"He united the country, he organized our country and he kept us safe

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The Cubs shouldn’t be either, and that’s not based on any scouting report

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"The UK has stated that it will be the Western country that is most open to China

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The chairmanship has changed four timesin as many years, mirroring successive governments, includingtwice this year when a hard left minister was appointed, thensacked.

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"Eh, not a fan of the banks," David said

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And they don't think it was because they misjudged their talent

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At its height the Scunthorpe works employed more than 17,000 people - today just over 4,500 work there.

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"Just because of luck and geometry of the building, because it was bricked up, it survived the major fire in 1895," project manager Matt Schiedt says

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The Chinese people will not allow anyone to infringe on China's sovereignty and related rights and interests in the South China Sea," he said.

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"It seems like October is the month where this kind of thing happens," he said.

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“This week is no different than any other week,” Brady Sr

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Since it’s a Motorola device, we thought it would be nice to pit it against one of the most highly-regarded smartphones from the company, the Moto X Pure

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Stepan hit the crossbar just prior to ex-Ranger Lee Stempniak’s game-winner at 3:07 of the Blueshirts’ first 3-on-3 overtime this season

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The Mets’ ace righthander had grinded out nearly eight innings as the Mets took Game 1 of the NLCS, beating the Cubs, 4-2.

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Players will randomly receively safesthat can only be opened with a particular drill costing USD $2.50 each

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A theatrical release is being launched primarily toqualify "Beasts" for awards.

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Alcor, in its contract with them, promises to supervise a careful re-entry into life for its patients.

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In terms of the difference in feedback, we came into last year and were very intent on making sure guys had everything they needed from us to try and help them be the best they can be on the floor

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Liangjiahe made me, he likes to claim.

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Some 2,700 migrants arrived in Slovenia on Saturday (October 17)

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more than last year's model, and weighs 5.04 oz., as compared to last year's 4.55 oz.)

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It was roughly a year ago when the chairman of Nevada’s Gaming Control Board, A.G

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So it was a very personal thing,” he said of his role in the exhibition.

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That hurt us because the defense played lights-out today

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In the 10 seconds it took for the clock to tick down, Watts-Jackson went from total obscurity to pulling off one of the most unlikely endings in college football as No

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These numbers will be even more important than normal and even more relevant given that we've seen a lot of repeat winners at this facility

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We are pleased to be part of that effort, and to be one of those Chinese investors looking beyond Britain’s business capital in London to the regions

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Apparently, that wasn’t just coach-speak

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