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“It shows drivers where to go, so he or she doesn’t have to think, where to turn at the third exit for example
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Scientists can estimate the number of rats in a fixed area, like a park, by counting burrows and multiplying it by 10, but larger estimates are just not accurate, she said.
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"In the past we might have thought it would take 400 to 500 years, but right now we can imagine it might be possible in just 30 years."
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I'm feeling schadenfreude over this VW fiasco
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mostly mobile, not completely housebound with some disabling symptoms.
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"(But) cooperation is also needed for a solution in Syria so that migration is stopped at its source."
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The officials emphasized that the seven-nation pact is focused solely on resolving the nuclear issue.
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A six—month study conducted on 12 patients showed improvement in movement and mental functions in patients with related condition called Lewy Body Dementia.
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"The measures run counter to our efforts to establish EU solidarity," the source said.
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Wynn Resorts has a very different species of problem: toofew Chinese high-rollers willing to be seen betting fortunes onthe flip of a card
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With about four minutes left in the game, a special teams gaffe finally put Washington on the board in the second half
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Researchers clocked sleep patterns among the Hadza, hunter-gatherers who live near the Serengeti National Park and the Tsimane, hunter-horticulturalists who live along the Andean foothills
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Wewill improve the rule of law in the commercial field, protectintellectual property rights, and promote fair competition
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"They're hoping that the Cubans will begin to ease up on human rights and open up politically
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Things changed a lot in the early 1990s
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Edinson Volquez pitched six shutout innings Friday to lead the Kansas City Royals to a 5-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series
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If a significant uptick in college students seeking counseling services is any indication, there is now less stigma associated with mental illness
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They put lots of legal and bureaucratic obstacles in the way."
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After his death in 1932, The Louisiana Freedmen Missionary Baptist General Association immediately selected the Rev
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