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They have said they would seekcompensation for any losses incurred as a result and that suchlegislation infringes on Poland's international investmentprotection agreements
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It had sustained winds of 130 kilometers (80 miles) per hour and gusts of up to 160 kph (100 mph) and was blowing northward at just 5 kph (3 mph), according to the government's weather agency
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Earlier this month, a surfer lost most of his left leg after a shark attacked him off Oahu's north shore
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And if you don't believe me, you can ask Justin himself
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"The gun was purchased off the street
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It supplies the Turkish Cypriots of northern Cyprus with water from Turkey’s Alakopru Dam, and has cost nearly 380 million euros
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Ko's difficult day was complete when she missed an eight foot birdie putt on the last that would have allowed her to reclaim the world number one ranking from South Korean Park In-bee
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The man, descin his 50s, was working to upgrade Yale’s Central Power Plant at about 10 a.m
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But the fatal wreck happened when seven teens piled into the truck after a party and the souped-up truck went careening into a group of people helping a stranded driver by the side of the road
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The results were not positive, yet Baltimore continued to insist on it.
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"Our first step is to try to come up with a provision that the House and Senate can live with," the House aide said
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Simmons might -- and I stress might -- have fooled many others, including no less than former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld."
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“The doctors basically told me that the tests are (designed) to try to catch guys in lies, because back in the day, it was more so, ”Hey, you’re dinged, you’re going back in
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Kardashian, Jenner and their mother Kris Jenner flew to Las Vegas on Saturday to be with Odom, who is currently being cared for at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center
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There is one small problem that we have to fix, maybe, with you, but I'm sure that with your commitment we will do that."
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bankin 2008 as part of its acquisition of Bear Stearns.
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In Berlin, authorities say they will take down tents once three big new accommodation centers open
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The investigation will likely bring heightened attention tothe much-debated program ahead of Nov
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While the Dem candidates talked around the disastrous repeal, not one of candidates had the balls they were born with to name the President responsible for the disastrous repeal
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officials made clear that Iran's decision to test a ballistic missile a week ago in violation of the U.N
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Throughout history, Harris says, a situation such as this has produced despotism so durable that it lasted for thousands of years
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With little depth at corner, the Giants signed CB Brandon McGee from the practice squad and waived tight end Jerome Cunningham.
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We see this happen over and over and over again."
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“Things like this happen around here,” said 25-year-old Oscar Martinez
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They need our support and should be rewarded by a welfare system that is fair and helps them move forward in life.
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Demi Lovato belted out some serious songs while showing off her fit physique in a unique half sleeve blazer dress with gold detailing
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The Cubs had the thumpers, the Mets had all those fireballers
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The Chicago Cubs celebrate after defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Wild Card playoff baseball game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, October 7, 2015
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Microsoft appears to be doing the same for photo and music apps, too
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And if that means asking to be compensated more for doing it really well, then so be it
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The scientists were successful in measuring the length of time these tendineae can endure repeated stress before rupturing
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Palestinians feel they are being squeezed out of their home
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Mr Fadda estimates that he has lost around 10% of his flock so far this year
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The network is airing a new "telenovela" about Celia Cruz, the Cuban-American, New York and New Jersey-bred, Salsa queen
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"We are seeking re-election to the executive board because we believe that both the United States and UNESCO are better off the deeper our ties extend," he said
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