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Igoro Konashenkov said Russian aircraft conducted 36 sorties over the past 24 hours, striking a total of 49 positions

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To explore whether Pluto’s color diversity is due to its composition, Protopapa and her colleagues analyzed data from the spacecraft’s Linear Etalon Imaging Spectral Array (LEISA)

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"Eighty years or so ago, my grandfather sat in the British Museum and wrote nationalist pamphlets against colonial rule in West Africa

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"Our study of these first 100 cases performed in Ireland demonstrates that our specialist obstetricians remain at the cutting edge of global developments in foetal surgery

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Yes, these are Chinese official figures whose reliability is widely criticised

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authorities of nine current and former football officials on bribery-related charges

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This fall in September car sales and rise in petrol sales will not necessarily dishearten hybrid car makers, as it is not so much the small-scale purchases that could swing the move to hybrid cars.

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The Treasury Department says the federal government will run out of money if Congress doesn’t increase the country’s borrowing limit by Nov

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2 House Republican, suggested in a recent television interview that the probe had helped to drive down Clinton's presidential poll ratings.

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rival Baxalta in early August, which was worth $30 billion at the time.

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— June 30, 2013: On Morsi's anniversary in office, millions of Egyptians begin days of demonstrations demanding his resignation

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Netanyahu has condemned the deal as empowering Tehran to spread unrest in the Mideast while leaving the country capable of making an atomic bomb

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into getting me a company mobile Wi-Fi and surreptitiously hiding it under her screen

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"The very fact that Vladimir Putin has the gumption to make this kind of a decision builds him up in a way that is very beneficial to his goals

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Manning finished 26 of 48 for 290 yards and the one TD, a 75-yarder to Emmanuel Sanders.

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The festival is held as a counter-celebration to Columbus Day and is to promote Native American culture and history

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They haven't said much about how they'll defend Brady, whether they'll revert to the short passing game that has helped them win three straight or dropped many hints about Luck's health

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Odom and Kardashian broke up in 2013 after a whirlwindromance and marriage that was chronicled on the realitytelevision show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and itsspinoff series, "Khloe & Lamar."

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Last month, a unit of China's CRRC Corp, the world's biggest train maker by revenue, agreedto a deal to help build a high-speed link between Las Vegas andLos Angeles.

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That night we made a sudden bolt, driving 200 miles (320km) to an airport from which we could get our work out of China

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Jack Capuano said Saturday morning that Jaroslav Halak will make his season debut tonight against the Sharks at Barclays Center

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With little depth at corner, the Giants signed CB Brandon McGee from the practice squad and waived tight end Jerome Cunningham.

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This month, he has a trip planned to the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Massachusetts, and in January he will visit the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

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Ireland, in truth, just weren't good enough, without their key men, to compete.

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Israel is doing nothing to upset the balance at Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites

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It was a crowded time at the multiplexes, as four newreleases jockeyed for audiences' attention

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To start with, there was no "colour" in the reports.

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Sefic says "if we would accept 5,000 migrants per day that would mean 35,000 would be in Slovenia in 10 days" — taking into account those who leave for Austria

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Itsaid other countries were involved, but did not name them.

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He just went up to it and jumped

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Itdebuted simultaneously on the company's streaming service and in31 theaters, but barely registered at the box office, eking out$50,699 for a per-screen average of $1,635

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Kreider, 24, often tries to stretch defenses, taking off down his left wing looking for a long pass, like Moss once did looking for Tom Brady fly patterns, or weaving across the neutral zone

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“And then last year we went 1-8, so, you kinda figured the playoff picture was out early.”

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As we have withdrawn that support, they have faltered.

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In the future, stem cell technology could generate an optogenetic interface for technology like the new sensors

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It has announced an increase in troops in Tajikistan, its largest foreign base, from 5,900 to 9,000 soldiers by 2020.

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Couch’s mom said the parents “sometimes” punished their son but couldn’t recall the last time they disciplined him

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7 showed the pop star traipsing around Bora Bora in the nude with 20-year-old model Jayde Pierce