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Then-Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was shot by a deranged man while campaigning in October 1990, an attack that left him using a wheelchair

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The chairmanship has changed four timesin as many years, mirroring successive governments, includingtwice this year when a hard left minister was appointed, thensacked.

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“We had no Maggi noodles on the shelves for five, six months now,” he said.

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In evaluating plans, you need to look at provider lists, drug coverage, deductibles, copays and coinsurance.

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More were expected later in the day, with some 1,800 on board one train in Croatia that was due to stop at the Slovenian border.

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Many members have welcomed the racially diverse crowd, which at Sunday services is a mix of locals and visitors who want to show solidarity.

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So it’s especially important to brush your teeth after eating sugary foods.”

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Hillary Clinton waves as she stands with fellow candidates (L-R) former U.S

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No Zombies allowed," the signs read.

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Both of these had been expressed even before the Volkswagen scandal emerged

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But CBQ's rate of loan expansion slowed to 3.8 percent yearon year, with total lending standing at 73.4 billion riyals atSept

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It also issued a "white paper" blasting Alibaba for failing to crack down on illegal activities on its sites, although later confirmed the document carried no legal weight.

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That figure could more than double by the end of the decade, according to some estimates.

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They will supplement NCCN's widelyfollowed guidelines for oncology care.

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That’s because Travis d’Arnaud’s sixth-inning dinger scored a rare direct hit on the center-field Home Run Apple at Citi Field before ricocheting into the stands

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5 Clemson had a lopsided victory against Boston College on Saturday

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Freedom to criticise the RomanCatholic Church in France was seen as a major victory of theFrench Revolution.

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Two weeks earlier and blocks away, Jennifer Berry tossed her newborn out the window

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Devils goalie Cory Schneider (26 saves) made some big saves, but there was no excuse for losing to New Jersey (1-3-1), a team in transition to put it mildly

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Ohio was among the 30 states and District of Columbia that expanded Medicaid eligibility underthe Affordable Care Act

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Eli Manning knows full well that this is the state of his Giants, that the team that will march into Lincoln Financial Field and face those bitter rival Philadelphia Eagles is far from healthy

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11 attacks called his credibility into question

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Then the coach started doing just that

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"It's overwhelmingly applicable to today," said Dave Hollis,Walt Disney Studios' executive vice president of theatricaldistribution

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"We do not like the sounds coming out of D.C.," Bespoke wrote in a note to clients on Friday

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Improperly secured steel trusses rolled on top of another worker.

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There probably were some instructions somewhere that I should have read, but hadn't

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Sunday's result prompted calls from the right for greater representation in Switzerland's seven-member governing council, the composition of which will be decided in December by parliament

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“His stuff is always good, but the command was outrageous tonight

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But the Republican candidates are bedeviled by another math problem

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The woman in the store, Marie, explained it

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For virtually all Arab forces in the Middle East, conflict with Israel is never really about land

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If this year's trend continues and the Mets and Cubs go the distance, Ourand believes the series could make television history as well.

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Knowing there was something wrong but not knowing the problem was frightening.

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I testified to the best of my ability before the Senate and the House

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More importantly, it's filled to the crown of its top hat in Victorian London

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(Santiago) took the gun from on top of the refrigerator, unwrapped the pajama pants and explained to the 6-year-old that the gun was only to be used by adults," DiBella said.

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