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The campaign around Aleppo, which the army launched on Friday, is one of several assaults it has waged against rebel fighters since Russian jets began carrying out air strikes on Sept

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"Andthen we'll have to come up with a strategy for how and where toget that done."

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Many members have welcomed the racially diverse crowd, which at Sunday services is a mix of locals and visitors who want to show solidarity.

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However, the rogue nation will need months to meet those goals and get relief from the crippling economic sanction that will be lifted as part of deal, despite the pact going into effect Sunday.

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With interim coach Dan Campbell making his debut, the Dolphins started the scoring with the Statue of Liberty

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And it's not even a case of the Giants drafting and signing too many injury-prone players

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The steel industry is one of the last bastions of what made Britain great and it's going down the pan fast

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Genovese, 38, of Howard Beach, Queens, who launched a $2 billion class action suit against British Airways and Air France to compensate for "damages" caused by SST operations at Kennedy.

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I have never evaluated Matt Taibbi and have never even met him

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The unicameral parliament will comprise 568 elected members - 448 elected on an individual basis and 120 through winner-takes-all lists in four districts, with quotas for women, Christians and youth

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Its tusks weighed a whopping 120 pounds each.

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