julie nelson

julie  nelson

JULIE NELSON – Senior Designer

“…I love beautiful things, whether it’s a sunset, a mountain range, a Van Gogh painting, or a well-composed interior.  I’ve developed a unique combination of both artistic and practical tendencies which support the ability to creatively concept beautiful interiors that is equally matched by the ability to translate design into reality through the production of detailed drawings, specifications, and budgets that meet the client’s requirements and schedule.  Inherent in that process is a propensity towards “attention to detail” and knowledge of the resources necessary to lead the fabrication process to materialize what has been conceptualized.  I have both a BFA and a MS degree in Interior Design.  My focus in graduate school was “Environment and Behavior” which includes how the psychology of space affects the users of a space.  I also enjoy snorkeling and the adventure of discovering tropical fish in their native habitat."

Years in design industry: 30 years
Years with TAL Studio: 21 years