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If you’ve found this section of our site, it’s likely because you’re interested in knowing more about us than what you may have learned from the portfolio pages.  While looking at some of the portfolio images, we hope that what’s become apparent to you is that our studio is well regarded for the breadth and depth of our stylistic and programmatic approach to design.  We are simultaneously classicists as well as modernists and believe that the two are critically interdependent. As well, we are regionalists and contextualists and our body of work represents a highly customized and intensely studied approach to the culture, soul, and spirit of the people and places for who we are creating man-made environments.  Design is problem solving, and we like solving a range of problems as part of what motivates and fulfills.  We are indefatigably curious about our clients’ diverse and varying business objectives, and our curiosity yields huge return-on-investment as a result of our agility anywhere in the world. 

To guide you through our range, we’ve categorized our portfolio into topical sections that demonstrate the breadth and rigor of our ideas, as it is one of the defining qualities of our firm and it's why we’re continually sought after by many of the world’s most admired brands and developers. When we started the firm 17 years ago, it was a clear goal of ours to take-on clients and projects that would be commensurate with our experience and interest in the world and the world of design at-large.  We intentionally eschewed ascribing to a specific and limited style that would become a too-familiar hallmark.  Rather, we chose for our hallmark to be the strength of our unique concepts and the method of their execution on behalf of our clients whose projects are in diverse regions, with diverse cultures, diverse context, and diverse business objectives in a global arena.  That’s why our work is organized here for you in program portfolios of contemporary, transitional, regional, and theatrical.  We believe the world to be neither “contemporary” nor “traditional” in a specific sense, and neither do we believe that a design or a designer’s body of work should be defined with such limitation. We often tell people that are seeking a particular ‘look’ within our portfolio that if they don’t see something to which they’re pre-disposed as a preferential design aesthetic, then it is because they’ve not yet engaged us to create something on their behalf. 

As it relates to 'style' and stylistic aptitude, a very narrow labeling and compartmentalization has occurred within the development business in the past 20 years, with an increasing number of prospective clients expecting designers to subscribe to a prevailing aesthetic that they unfold repeatedly for each successive client.  With TAL Studio's background in the entertainment & development industry, we find this to be a disheartening threat to the livelihood of artists & designers. And, it undermines the foundation of centuries-old architectural and artistic education & training.  While our contract agreements with clients refer to us as “consultants,” we are first and foremost artists, creators, collaborators, writers, producers, sculptors, spatial psychologists, forensic specialists and impassioned visionaries whose ideas produce great profits for our clients as a result of our design's profound effect on human response to the man-made environment.  The ways in which we think, explore, seek new knowledge, and feed our curiosity combined with how we live & travel are what inform our designs for projects ranging from historic preservation of landmarks, to state-of-the-art theaters whose design is at the forefront of technological innovation.  As designers, we are interchangeably the student and master, and our clients and their guests are the collective beneficiaries of our lives' professional and personal experiences. We choose to be diverse and wide-ranging in the commissions we accept and their design explorations, because we believe the only limitations a project should have are time and money, never ideas or creativity.

If you’ve read this far, we hope that you’ll spend a few more minutes exploring this site by listening to the radio interviews in the press section of the site or by reading some of the articles about TAL Studio.  What others say about us is often more meaningful than what we can say about ourselves, so we hope that by listening to our voices or reading the voices of others, you’ll gain further insight to who we are and how we think. Great design is the yield of great relationships that are born from great people working together towards a common goal. We place people before projects and products, and often, the people we meet when being introduced to a possible new project are the determining factor for whether or not we wish to participate.  Creating places and experiences for the pleasure of people is our life and our livelihood. We’ve been awarded and recognized for our work ever since we started doing it. And while many of the awards honor our aesthetic innovations or built accomplishments, we like to think that the awards honor the marriage of our passion and expertise that has resulted in places that have made guests very happy, and our clients very wealthy. 

There’s an abundance of pictures and information on our site, and we’re thankful that you’ve afforded us the opportunity to present it here for your consideration. On this website, we've assembled images of only a few of the places that illustrate the breadth, depth and rigor with which we are committed to the art and science of our profession.  To present an assembly of images reveals us at our most vulnerable as artists. And within this site, the extraordinary and nearly indefinable efforts invested in creating places for people are often unseen while you view the work two-dimensionally and critically assess its merits at arm’s length.  But while doing so, know that we are honored that you’ve visited the site and explored the images, and perhaps just as importantly the interviews, articles and stories that ultimately define the experience of conceiving these places and experiences for our friends and clients.  Every great story is complimented by its context of place, and every great place inspires great stories.  We create places to inspire, and we hope that your visit to the site has inspired you to talk with us.