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Improperly secured steel trusses rolled on top of another worker.

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There probably were some instructions somewhere that I should have read, but hadn't

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Sunday's result prompted calls from the right for greater representation in Switzerland's seven-member governing council, the composition of which will be decided in December by parliament

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“His stuff is always good, but the command was outrageous tonight

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But the Republican candidates are bedeviled by another math problem

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The woman in the store, Marie, explained it

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For virtually all Arab forces in the Middle East, conflict with Israel is never really about land

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If this year's trend continues and the Mets and Cubs go the distance, Ourand believes the series could make television history as well.

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Knowing there was something wrong but not knowing the problem was frightening.

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I testified to the best of my ability before the Senate and the House

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More importantly, it's filled to the crown of its top hat in Victorian London

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(Santiago) took the gun from on top of the refrigerator, unwrapped the pajama pants and explained to the 6-year-old that the gun was only to be used by adults," DiBella said.

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Mariota was hurt badly and was not a threat to run at all

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Established models with little-to-no controversy surrounding them means they are naturally the place to go for the expertise and quality in these

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I guess nobody taught you, nobody taught you how to love."

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Here, having lost nine players to injury before and during the tournament, they lost to a single late score, having against the odds led both at half-time and with 10 minutes to go.

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We’ve got to find a way to get everyone puling in the same direction,” said Girardi, whose Rangers (3-3-0) must reload to host the undefeated San Jose Sharks (4-0-0) Monday night

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15 Stanford’s 56-35 victory on Thursday night.

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"I certainly think this decision was driven by Buffett'sinvestment in the company," said Romano Sala Tenna, fund managerat Katana Capital, which sold its exposure in IAG earlier thisyear

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More importantly, Kerry argued that U.S

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“I think that a domino effect will occur based upon what other state regulators or legislatures feel

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There is certainly still evidence that 8 hours is good, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s official recommendations still state that 7 to 8 hours is ideal for adults

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While SOS has been running Wellness Workshops for over five years, they only made them available online last October

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About 200 cars and semi-trucks were trapped in the now-hardened mud, frozen in place at odd angles

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In his six years at NASA Mueller’s impacts were far-reaching, from accelerating Project Gemini, to pushing forward initial designs for Skylab, and laying the groundwork for the Space Shuttle

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“I am confident in the extraordinary benefits to our national security and the peace and security of the world that come with the successful implementation of the (deal).”

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He just seven major league starts and a long history of injuries

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According to a separate account in USA Today attributed to a person at the hospital, Odom opened his eyes on Friday morning and appeared to be responding to voices and other noise in the room.

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You will have a family that loves and supports you, no matter what the future holds.

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“I get that there’s a presidential campaign going on, but I have told my own Republican colleagues and friends shut up talking about things you don’t know anything about,” Rep

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