Scope and Services

Scope and Services


Todd-Avery Lenahan is CEO of “The 7-Star Czar International Consulting”

Referred to many years ago as “The 7-Star Czar” by the chairman of a preeminent international luxury hotel brand, Lenahan is renowned as a global luxury analyst for hotels, resorts and hospitality corporations through his The 7-Star Czar International Consulting services which examine the luxury service experience of leading hospitality businesses and enterprises.

In the style of a ‘white glove’ hospitality industry standard consulting service (a sort of “luxury secret shopper”) Lenahan provides the world’s leading luxury hotels, resorts, entertainment and dining establishments with an observational analysis, after in depth discrete assessment of operations and custom-designed strategy to ensure the highest level experience is concisely delivered in order to preserve and or grow market share for best in market properties.

Commissioned by luxury hotels and resorts worldwide that require a global perspective to ensure their ability to deliver a level of product and experience that exceeds conventional “standards” Lenahan works with corporations to provide a qualified and discerning analysis based on his rare degree of expertise in all aspects of hotel design, development operations, service recovery, customer loyalty, and marketing.

Able to observe the industry from every dimension, Lenahan views the industry through his lens of unmatched expertise and accomplishment: visionary, developer, designer, creator, operator and quintessential discerning end-user of luxury services for over three decades.

The 7-Star Czar is a world leader providing custom-made-razor-focused outlines and guidelines. Lenahan’s degree of scrutiny and the foundation upon which it is built academically and professionally far overshadow the ’standards’ established by Forbes and AAA.

The 7-Star Czar International Consulting services include:

- Consultation services providing concrete luxury guidelines on how to ensure peak 7-Star luxury facilities, operational performance, and service delivery

- Evaluation and execution action plan on how to deliver consistent top level luxury that exceeds standards measured by Forbes and AAA

- Insider observations and actionable techniques on how to respond to adverse or compromising experiences through discrete “white-glove secret shopper” reviews

- Expertise and guidance on how past standards are now sub-standard measures for defining what is expected today; redefining “luxury” on property-specific basis to support the brand identity and experience paradigm of a specific operation/property

- Examination as to why there is no longer brand loyalty in the hospitality business with concrete insight and strategies on how to help ensure and build market-share

- Custom assessment, synopsis and solutions

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