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That’s because Travis d’Arnaud’s sixth-inning dinger scored a rare direct hit on the center-field Home Run Apple at Citi Field before ricocheting into the stands

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On some nights, more than 100 people have participated in the Bible study

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The "Brief History" part of the title, he jokes, was "based on those Concise Oxford Dictionaries - which are always four inches thick".

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The only thing they cared when they went to a store was price

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mostly mobile, not completely housebound with some disabling symptoms.

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Lord Palmerston once said that Britain has no friends, only interests

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First, they immediately tied the game on a 39-yard field goal

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"The measures run counter to our efforts to establish EU solidarity," the source said.

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"(But) cooperation is also needed for a solution in Syria so that migration is stopped at its source."

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PHILADELPHIA - In each of the last two seasons, the Giants truly believed they had built a contender, only to watch in shock as their foundation crumbled

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Wynn Resorts has a very different species of problem: toofew Chinese high-rollers willing to be seen betting fortunes onthe flip of a card

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The researchers found that those who were born prematurely tended to have lower levels of intelligence, especially when it came to reading and maths

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The storm continued to lash the region with heavy rain and strong winds, though the catastrophic rainfall scenario of 20 to 40 inches or more has not yet come to fruition.

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Around 5.2bn of investments are managed by the Church Commissioners – a body charged with managing the Church’s assets

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"They're hoping that the Cubans will begin to ease up on human rights and open up politically

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Pure Flix, the film's distributor, declined to providea budget.

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A customer checks the aroma of a jar of medicinal marijuana at Canna Care, a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Calif

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He has MS and seems to be doing well despite the illness

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Then for four days it was paralyzed, so it needed to be picked up and carried everywhere

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Things changed a lot in the early 1990s

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It said other countries were involved, but did not name them.

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48 Chevrolet team would be on these intermediate ovals in 2015

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“We began the process of trying to understand daily fantasy sports and how they’re different from regular fantasy sports or any other form of sports betting or gambling.

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While critics have said that Chinese government support, including cheap financing, for companies in that and other sectors could amount to unfair competition, Xi defended China's approach.

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This year they seemed to get flat-footed every time the night before release; just throwing out the baby with the bathwater immediately

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China wouldnot want any turbulence there, still less would it be the partyto stir up chaos

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But aides said the House measure's blanket extension for railroads could run into opposition in the Senate

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It is only that such contribution should be inline with their capabilities and needs

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They put lots of legal and bureaucratic obstacles in the way."

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"He united the country, he organized our country and he kept us safe

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After his death in 1932, The Louisiana Freedmen Missionary Baptist General Association immediately selected the Rev

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A Mapuche Indian activist prepares to throw a stone at riot police vehicle during a protest march by Mapuche Indian activists against Columbus Day in downtown Santiago, Chile, October 12, 2015

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prosecutors to end a criminal probe into the switch problems.

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Murphy got some of the biggest cheers Saturday night even before he had authored another postseason gem

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That figure is just half the most recent forecast by congressional budget analysts, who have long expected 2016 to usher in the biggest surge in enrollment

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