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It's smart, it's pretty intuitive, but you can't imagine any serious business using it at scale.

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The US broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1959 after Fidel Castro and his brother Raul led a revolution toppling US-backed President Fulgencio Batista

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Hillary Clinton’s upcoming testimony before Congress’ special Benghazi committee is being hyped as the biggest moment in the panel’s controversial existence

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But I think it’s also a big win for China as well, having access to a country that is a leading member of the EU, and has so many other contacts and roles in the world.”

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The chairmanship has changed four timesin as many years, mirroring successive governments, includingtwice this year when a hard left minister was appointed, thensacked.

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The loss also adds to the mounting troubles the Trojans are facing with a game next week against No

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The special committee discovered that Clinton as the country’s top diplomat used a private server and emails for official business

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The row exploded as the refugee crisis continued to escalate

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"They stay dormant under the ground, but my goodness when they come out seven years later, they come out in force and are as loud as can be."

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“If you don’t brush your teeth and floss them, you’re going to face the same problems again,” Carrao says

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This involves putting a small camera called a fetoscope into the mother's womb, via the abdomen

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1 is really special because it's like everything added up together," he told the entertainment program

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The retailersaid in April it was bumping hourly pay up to at least $9 forall U.S

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Wilderness areas attract walkers and nature-lovers.

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Cruz had tried to be that spark in that game, tried to vault the Giants into contention on a night they’d struggled throughout

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A theatrical release is beinglaunched primarily to qualify "Beasts" for awards.

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It will be just talk," he said in Cairo's twin city of Giza, located in one of 14 provinces in which the first of two days of voting took place Sunday.

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Please gather for the sake of the country and celebrate by choosing your representatives

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He added that his position on the committee's purposehas remained consistent: "Four dead Americans is more than enough work for me

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Former NFL linebacker Keith Bulluck was recently nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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(Reporting By Matthew Miller and Shu Zhang; Editing by JonBoyle)

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"They had sent me home to pass the sac

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After a month in the ICU, during which he came close to death, he was released and is now a healthy teenager.

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Jeff Pentland will not return for a second season as the Yankees' hitting coach, according to a source

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Koppu, Japanese for "cup," is the 12th storm to hit the Philippines this year

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So thank God theatre is still there to shout about what is happening."

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Taobao was taken off in 2012 for its "notableefforts" to work with rightholders to clean up the site.

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You got it wrong, and buried the most important finding of the study: “The influx of money into the neighborhood did yield some benefits

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Mark Strong, who won an Olivier award earlier this year for playing Eddie Carbone in the same play, expressed similar sentiments earlier this year

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They are expected to discuss security issues, refugees and the conflict in Syria

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The bears we encounter are usually curious rather than aggressive, standing up to sniff the air, and waiting patiently for their turn with the carcass

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The Royals rallied to beat the Blue Jays 6-3 and take a 2-0 series lead on Saturday

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Already, the black flag of the Islamic State group can be seen flying in those contested portions of Egypt's Sinai that are closest to Palestinian Gaza.

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Richardson’s streak of not finishing above .500 actually stretches back to his time before the pros, as Missouri went 5-7 his last year there

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Ballmer's stake is worth more than $800 million based onTwitter's $21 billion market value

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"My reaction and the judge's reaction speaks for itself.”

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“I was looking up at the big screen jumbotron..

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Israel has deployed thousands of police, backed up by troops, to maintain order following a spate of attacks, mostly stabbings, by Palestinian assailants

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The answer, according to Lin, was a conclusive no.

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Four other people were wounded and a 44-year-old suspect was taken into custody, Cologne police said on their website

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