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However there are significant legal hurdles, including the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, which gives everyone a right of responsible access over most of the land and inland water in Scotland.

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China follows theprinciple of non-interference in other country's internalaffairs and believes that international and regional hot spotsshould be resolved by peaceful means

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NBC is enabling Donald Trump's "hateful speech" about Hispanics by giving him a platform as host of "Saturday Night Live" and should pull the invitation, a coalition of Hispanic advocacy groups said.

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At the high-end, access credentials to a bank account with a $20,000 balance sells for $1,200.

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The decision follows a meeting between Hungary and European Union leaders that failed to produce an agreement on the migrant crisis

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"Crews quickly tackled the fire and then searched the ducting between the roof and the ground floor to ensure that they had thoroughly damped down any remaining hotspots


After all, carving things in stone takes a certain level of commitment, as former leader Alex Salmond did with his “rocks would melt in the sun” comment on student fees.

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I think this is gonna be the new single."

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